Terms of Sale

By purchasing any Merchant Offering, Product or participating in other programs through the site, you agree to the Terms Of Use, including the Terms of Sale specified. These Terms of Sale form the part of overall Terms Of Use of the Site and are to be in accordance with them.


These standards apply unless generally expressed in the fine print relating to the Offer:

1. Voucher will terminate on the date determined on the voucher

2. Can't be consolidated with different offers

3. Giving voucher code is required to benefit offer

4. Booking, reservations and corrections are liable to accessibility

5. Must be recovered in a single visit (unless determined generally)

6. Vouchers can be recovered simply after due confirmation of the client (counting personal ID verification, if required)

7. All nearby/national laws and standards, utilization of intoxicants and so on - that apply to general clients, apply to Deewanadeal voucher holders as well

8. The dealer is exclusively in charge of the expenses required/to be demanded on the administrations/items for giving the Sales Invoice to the Customer against the administrations rendered or item sold.

9. If there should be an occurrence of cancelation or value-based disappointment, Promo Codes might not be substantial for money back.


F&B Offers with Drinks:

·         Beverages will be served on all legitimate offer days, with the exception of dry days. If it's not too much trouble check neighbourhood dry day postings before benefiting the offer.

·         Drinks brands are liable to accessibility. In the event that a specific brand is inaccessible at a given point in time another brand of equivalent or better review will be filled in according to the Restaurant strategy.

·          Beverages must be reclaimed simply after due check of the client (counting age verification – 25 years or above, picture ID evidence and so forth., if required)


Lodgings (Offers and Rates):

·         Deewanadeal guarantees that any materials or rates shown on its platform are exact as at the date of issue. Changes in economic situations or conditions may happen after the issue date, which may make data shown on the Platform no longer exact, or never again mirror the present position.

·         Deewanadeal therefore explicitly disavows any portrayal, guarantee or undertaking in connection to the precision, culmination, quality or sufficiency of any substance of its Platform.

·         While Deewanadeal work with lodgings, which give a satisfactory standard of administration and convenience at the cost paid, we therefore explicitly renounce any portrayal, guarantee or undertaking in connection to the quality or ampleness of any hotel recorded on our platform.

·         The rates provided on our platform are as follows:


1. Room rates shown on Deewanadeal Platform are charged on a per room per night basis. This is the rate at which the hotel room is offered to a customer or the best available price, which a Deewanadeal customer actually pays to avail the hotel room for the specified duration at a given point in time (excluding the site wide discounts, cash backs, offers). As a result, instead of paying the same price for each room-night, the guest could pay different prices each night.


In the hotel industry, the maximum rate (popularly known as rack rate) is the maximum amount the hotel usually charges for a room, when demand for rooms in the area is highest. This is generally the maximum price that one may pay for a hotel room when the demand for that room is highest. 

The difference between the ‘maximum rate’ or a ‘room rate’ is not the effective discount that a customer may avail while opting for a property. These two rates are different and are the standard terms as used across hotel industry and published on Deewanadeal Platform.


Health/Medical/Surgical Services Offers: 

Given the nature of these Offers, Deewanadeal does not take responsibility for any medical complications that arise during or post the treatment. We strongly advise our users to take all necessary precautions / consultations before availing this Offer.


Purchase and Redemption Of Deewanadeal Vouchers

·         Depictions of the Merchant Offerings and Products publicized on the Site are given by the Merchant or other referenced outsiders. Deewanadeal is not in charge of any cases related with the portrayal of the Merchant Offerings or Products. Estimating identifying with certain Merchant Offerings, Products, and other accessible projects on the Site may change whenever in Deewanadeal's sole carefulness without notice. In this way, it is prudent to experience the approaches before making any buy on our Site.


·         A Merchant may publicize merchandise, administrations or encounters on the Site, or as for Products, supply items to Deewanadeal , that oblige Merchant to have an up and coming administrative approval, permit, or accreditation.


·         Deewanadeal does not check, approve, or gather confirmation of any administrative approval, permit or accreditation from any Merchant (counting, without confinement, yet not constrained to, Health and Fitness and Beauty and Spa Merchants). Deewanadeal is not wellbeing or health supplier and does not, won't and can't allude, prescribe or support a particular expert, administrations, items or systems that are promoted on the Site. The Site is not a substitute for expert guidance, including, without constraint, restorative exhortation, conclusion or treatment. Continuously look for the guidance of your doctor or other qualified wellbeing supplier with any inquiries you may have in regards to a wellbeing condition. Never disregard to search out or deferral or carelessness proficient counsel identifying with your wellbeing due to something you have perused on the Site.


·         Deewanadeal may, in its sole discretion, verify a user’s identity prior to processing a purchase. Deewanadeal  may also refuse to process a purchase, may cancel a purchase, or may limit quantities, as reasonably deemed necessary, to comply with applicable law or to respond to a case of misrepresentation, fraud or known or potential violations of the law or these Terms of Sale. Refunds for cancelled orders may be issued where appropriate.

·         If an offer becomes unavailable between ordering and processing, Deewanadeal will either cancel or not process the order and will notify you by email. Refund will be processed by the same mode of payment as was used while ordering by the Customer.

·         Deewanadeal does not ensure that it offers best accessible rates or costs and does not ensure against valuing mistakes. Deewanadeal holds the privilege, in its sole carefulness, to not handle or to wipe out any requests put, including, without confinement, if the cost was inaccurately posted on the Site. On the off chance that this happens, Deewanadeal willendeavor to advise you by email. Also, Deewanadeal saves the privilege, in its sole tact, to rectify any mistake in the expressed retail cost of the Merchant Offering or Product.



·         Voucher means an instrument, in either physical or electronic form, which entitles the holder of such Voucher (the “Voucher Holder”) to receive the Merchant Offering from the Merchants of Deewanadeal , to be used on or before the use by date stated on the Voucher (the “Voucher Expiry Date”).

·         The Merchant Offering shall mean the goods and/or services to be provided by the Merchant to the Voucher Holder, as specified on Deewanadeal ’s website and the Voucher.

·         The Merchant is a third party unrelated to Deewanadeal that sells, supplies and/or provides the Merchant Offering on Deewanadeal website or mobile application. Deewanadeal itself does not indulge in any selling activity of Merchant Offerings. Deewanadeal displays the Merchant Offering on Deewanadeal website or mobile application and acts as a collection agent for the merchant for Merchant Offerings on the Deewanadeal website or mobile application. Once a user makes a purchase of the Merchant Offering on Deewanadeal  website or mobile application, Deewanadeal  provides you with a Voucher which will enable you to avail the Merchant Offering.

·         In order to purchase Deewanadeal Vouchers, the User would be required to create an account on the Deewanadeal website or mobile application. This is required so that we can provide you with easy access to print or save your orders or view your past purchases.

·         By making a purchase of Merchant Offering on the website, you get a Deewanadeal Voucher which enables you to avail the Merchant Offering which you have selected based on Deewanadeal ’s standard Terms of Use and conditions, institution-specific restrictions and on these Terms of Sale.

·         When you go through the procedure for purchasing a Voucher, you are required to accept these Terms of Sale before making payment. Once Deewanadeal  has received the amount due from the customer for Merchant offering (by debit card or credit card or Net Banking or other acceptable modes of payment) the transaction is considered complete, and a contract for purchase is made, at this stage, Deewanadeal  will send an email to you confirming the transaction (which is our acceptance of the transaction).  We keep a copy of the contract with us.  You are welcome to save or print out these Terms of Use and Terms of Sale from our Website as a record.

·         In case of a voucher for Services, once we issue you the Voucher, you may request for a cancellation of the voucher at any time within 7 working days from the day after the day you received the Voucher (a working day is any day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or a Bank Holiday in the Republic of India). 

·         If you want to cancel your voucher, you must do so by sending an email at support@Deewanadeal .com to inform Deewanadeal of your intention to cancel the Voucher. Alternatively, you can also write to us at Customer Support Service.

·         All Deewanadeal Vouchers shall be subject to the standard terms and conditions and specific terms and conditions (as mentioned on the Offer). Deewanadeal  Vouchers are issued on behalf of the Merchants and only such Merchants, to the exclusion of Deewanadeal  or GIPL, shall be responsible for any and all injuries, illnesses, damages, charges, expenses, claims, liabilities and costs suffered by or in respect of a customer, caused in whole or in part by the Merchants or which arises out of the goods and/or services provided by the Merchants, as well as for any unclaimed property liability arising from unredeemed Deewanadeal  Vouchers.

·         As a condition of purchase, we reserve the right to send you administrative and promotional emails.  We may also send you information regarding your purchases, as well as updates about the Website or Mobile Application and Service and Vouchers as well as other promotional offers. You can opt out of our promotional emails anytime by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our email correspondences or you may write in to us at Customer Support Service. Please see our Privacy Policy for details. 

·         Any purchase of a Voucher is for your non-commercial, personal use only (although you may give the Voucher to someone else for their non-commercial, personal use).

·         You promise not to provide false data including false names, addresses and/or contact or payment details; or engage in any unlawful activity in connection with the purchase or use of a Voucher, or allow/encourage anyone else to do so.

·         Any attempt to redeem a Voucher contrary to these Terms of Sale may render a Voucher void at Deewanadeal ’s discretion.

·         The reproduction of a Voucher is prohibited.

·         The commercial trade of a Voucher is prohibited.