FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

The following are the frequently made enquiries about offers on Deewanadeal . Unless expressed specifically in You Must Remember section of the Offer, these answers apply to all Offers on Deewanadeal .


  1.  Can I use my voucher instantly upon purchase?

             You can utilize most Vouchers instantly upon purchase unless mentioned otherwise.


        2.  Do I have to book ahead of time when utilizing my Vouchers?

            Advance booking is mandatory before visiting a merchant with Voucher. Any further reclamation guidelines will be incorporated into the You Must Remember section.


        3.  Do I have to specify Deewanadeal when booking?

             You definitely have to mention that you purchased voucher from Deewanadeal


        4.  How would I print a PDF voucher?

             How to discover your Voucher:

o   Check your email after finishing the purchase.

o   Not there? Check your garbage/spam organizer (it might have been diverted there).

o   Checked your garbage/spam and still no Voucher? Contact us for further support.


           5.  Would i be able to give this Voucher as a gift?

                 There is a Gift Coupon feature on our site. You can gift vouchers from there to whomever you want.


            6.  How would I book with the merchant after purchasing the voucher ?

                 There will be directions and applicable contact information on your Voucher.


            7.  What to do if a merchant refuse to acknowledge my voucher?         

                Contact us at 9874972244 (Working Hours) or email us at support@Deewanadeal .com


            8. In case I'm running late for an arrangement, will they oblige me?

           If you make a prior appointment and fail to visit the merchant, you need to book an appointment again. By and large at least 24 hours-see is required to revise/cancel out a booking. Neglecting to do as such may make you relinquish the full or halfway estimation of your voucher

          9. What is the Cancellation Policy for Service Vouchers?

              Inside the cut-off points of reason, we'll do what it takes to make you glad yet unless there is amajor issue with the buy. For vouchers identified with Services, we do work a 7-day cancelation period (a working day is any day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or a Bank Holiday in the Republic of India), so on the off chance that you are troubled with your buy, have altered your opinion or have acquired an excessive number of vouchers/a larger number of vouchers than required please email support@deewanadeal.com inside 7 working days from the date of procurement from the email account enrolled with us transferring your criticism on the Offer and the codes you wish us to cancel out. On doing as such, a cancelation will be prepared for you and an email affirmation sent when your demand has been actioned. If it's not too much trouble take note of that vouchers cannot be cancelled after its expiry date or recovery.


         10.  What is the Refund approach?

                Unless, the Offers are non–refundable in nature and particularly said to be so on the Offer itself, If any of the buys didn't coordinate to your desires, lapsed before you recovered it, or you've altered your opinion subsequent to obtaining it, no stresses. Simply let us know and we will give you a no-questions-asked refund. Your input however would be exceedingly valued, as we are ever anxious to learn, upbeat to react and trust in consistent change.


        11.  What are the Restaurant strategies? 

              Anti-Wastage Policy: Applicable to unlimited Food and Beverage Services

Customers will be served 1 parcel at once; substitutions will be served after finishing of past serving

Customer might be charged at MRP for any dish of which half is left finished according to the terms particular to Offers.